Painting eggs17 July 2016 – The importance of Religious Instruction in our State Schools

Following one single complaint from a school principal, Education QLD launched a review of religious instruction in QLD state schools.  Peter discusses the benefits and importance of religious instruction in schools, and the panel consists of Paul Clark (who hosts the At the Top spots as heard on 96.5) and Karen Brenning from the QLD Christian Religious Instruction Network.



10 July 2016 – MARS – Men Affected by Rape and Sexual Abuse

Peter hosts a discussion about MARS – Men Affected by Rape & Sexual Assault. Peter is joined by Dr Wendell Rosevear OAM – a general practitioner specialising in rape and sexual abuse recovery.



Syrian Refugees Listening to Announcement at Charity Collecting Point in Copenhagen Railroad Station

03 July 2016 – Persecuted Christians in the Middle East

Peter and the panel discuss the persecution of Christians worldwide, but particularly in the Middle East. Joining Peter is Mike Gore – the CEO of Open Doors Australia, and Pastor Steve Chong who has recently returned from Iraq where he worked alongside a number of persecuted Christians.



Boys arm-wrestling19 June 2016 – Playful Aggression In Early Childhood

Recent research shows playful aggression in early childhood is especially important for the development of our boys – Peter’s conversation is with Dr Jennifer Hart and Associate Professor Mike Nagel. For more information please visit



Gender Fluid12 June 2016 – Gender Fluidity: Gender, Sexuality & Identity

Peter and Liz Walker (Managing Director of Youth Wellbeing Project) discuss the tricky topic of Gender Diversity seeking to answer the question how does the church and those of us who believe the teachings of the Bible make sense and respond to the push within our society for gender diversity and gender fluidity?




acl-Logo-optimized29 May 2016 – Australia Votes – What is NOT Being Talked About

Peter talks with Wendy Francis and Lyle Shelton from the Australian Christian Lobby about the upcoming Federal Election.



Abortion115 May 2016 – Full Term Abortion Laws

Peter and the panel discuss the new private members bill before the QLD Parliament that will allow full term abortion up to 9 months.  Guests on the panel are Wendy Francis from the Australian Christian Lobby, Catherine Toomey – CEO of the Priceless Life Centre and Dr David van Gend, a GP and QLD secretary of the World Federation of Doctors Who Respect Human Life.


nonsense12 April 2016 – Nonsense in News

This week Peter tackles some of the nonsense and non-stories that he has been observing in the media and in society.



autism-awareness-month4 April 2016 – Autism Awareness Month

April is National Autism Awareness Month, and you may have seen the Story Bridge lit up in blue as part of Go Blue For Autism.  Peter has a conversation with Rachael Harris about autism and her auto biography ‘My Autistic Awakening’.

For more information on Rachael and Autism –






acl-Logo-optimized13 March 2016 – Australian Christian Lobby

Ahead of the local government elections and referendum in Queensland, Peter talks to Wendy Francis from the Australian Christian Lobby about local issues and politics in general.





06 March 2016 – Safe School’s Coalition 

Peter’s discussion this week centres around the federally funded Safe School’s Coalition program called Safe Schools.

It was recently mentioned in parliament by the Member for Dawson who outlined his concerns about the program.



01 March 2016 – Abortion Policy In Australia

In Australia every state and territory has different abortion laws, and there are some lobby groups pushing for late term abortions, including up to 9 months.

Peter and the panel discuss abortion policy in Queensland and Peter is joined by Catherine Toomey – CEO of the Priceless Life Centre and Terri Kelleher from the Australian Family Association.


Corro Backdrop - smaller21 Febuary 2016 – Big Sheds

Shed Happens is a movement that began over 10 years ago as a way for blokes to connect, get real with each other, and get real with God.

Peter is joined by his guests Dan and Dave (from Logan Shed) and Vern (organiser of Big Shed) to talk about how Shed Night works and what happens to make it a place where blokes can be real with other blokes and with God.


14 Febuary 2016 – Keeping Kids Safe From Internet Porn

Pornography has infiltrated our lives, and with a single click has become an invasive, uninvited guest into our family homes.

Porn is harming our kids and the discussion in this show centres around what action we need to take to protect our kids from porn on the internet.

The guests on the panel are Liz Walker – an author and founder of the Youth Well Being Project; Wendy Francis who is the director of the QLD branch of the Australian Christian Lobby; and John Anderson – a father and leader at the Murrumba Downs Shed Happens.


26 July 2015 – The Impact Of Porn on Couples

With one click of a button internet pornography invades homes and lives. Recent research by Relationships Australia indicate that one in five couples experience intimacy problems triggered by internet pornography.

Val Holden who is a Relationship and Family Counsellor and also the Manager of RA Centre on the Sunshine Coast/Gympie/Bundaberg and Craig Thomas a Counsellor with Peter Janetzki & Associates join Peter in an important discussion about the devastating impact that porn has on relationships.


cropped-DAIV2-1260-x-24019 July 2015 – Understanding and Living with Dementia

Dementia is a growing concern Worldwide. Currently 47 million people are living with dementia and it is predicted that this number will increase to 135 million by 2050.

Contrary to popular belief Dementia effects people of all ages not just over 65’s.

This is an informative and amazing discussion with Kate Swaffer who is an Author, Advocate, International Speaker who lives with Dementia, Jason de Bakker who is the Development and Innovation Manager for Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld),  and Denise Craig a psychologist who supports people with dementia in many and varied ways including administrating a support group for people with Young Onset Dementia on Facebook.

For more information and support the following services are available.

National Dementia Helpline 1800 100 500
The National Dementia Helpline is a telephone information and support service available across Australia. The Helpline is for people with dementia, their carers, families and friends, as well as people concerned about memory loss.

Alzheimer’s Australia fightdementia.org.au 
Alzheimer’s Australia administers leading edge national dementia programs and services funded by the Commonwealth as well as providing national policy and advocacy for the more than 342,800 Australians living with dementia.

Dementia Alliance International www.dementiaallianceinternational.org 
Dementia Alliance International is an advocacy and support group, of, by and for people with dementia.

Kate Swaffer www.kateswaffer.com
Kate Swaffer is committed to meaningful dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders about the critical issues impacting a person living with a diagnosis of dementia and their loved ones.

Young Onset Dementia Support Group www.facebook.com/YoungOnsetDementiaSupportGroup
This page is for people who are experiencing the impact of Dementia before age 65.

Dementia Language Guidelines fightdementia.org.au/sites/default/…guidelines.pdf
The words used to talk about dementia can have a significant impact on how people with dementia are viewed and treated in our community


12 July 2015 –BB Lessons learned about being a Better Bloke form attending Better Blokes

On the June long weekend 150 blokes from around Australia converged on a Warrambui Retreat and Conference Centre a little north of the ACT for a weekend conference called Better Blokes.

A reason number of blokes who are involved in Shed Happens here in the Greater Brisbane area made the trek to Better Blokes.  Peter talks with some of these blokes about the lessons that have learned about being a Better Bloke, about getting real with themselves, with other blokes and with God.


OF_logo (1)19 April 2015 – Outback Futures – Responding to the social/emotional needs of those living remote FNQ

The plight and struggle for our primary producers must become a concern for all Australians. The work of our farmers and graziers impacts the food on shelves, our export industry, and our national economy. And at the core of this industry are families. Men, women and children living in remote parts of our great land working and running their farms and properties. It is important for us to care for these families as we are at risk of not only losing them but their knowledge and skills of one of our essential industries.

Peter discusses the work of Outback Futures – a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing regular, professional and consistent allied health services to rural and remote Queenslanders.  See http://www.outbackfutures.org.au for more information.


02 November 2014 – Clinical Naturopathy, Cancer & Chronic Illnesses

This was a fantastic discussion with soon to be DR (PhD) Janet Schloss – a Clinical Naturopath, PhD scholar – CICCM UQ School of Medicine, Post Grad Cert in Clinical Nutrition, Adv. Dip. of Health Science – Naturopathy, Dip of Nutrition, Dip of Health Science – Herbal Medicine


BeUplifted26 October 2014 – Supporting Women and Families Affected by Breast Cancer . When a woman is diagnosed with Breast Cancer it not only impacts her life but also her family and marriage. Be Uplifted is a grass roots charity that provides practical and financial support to woman and their families affected by Breast Cancer. One of the co-founders of Be Uplifted-Breast Cancer Charity –  Wendy Paterson discusses with me the impact that Breast Cancer with two husbands – Larry & David whose wives have been assisted by the work of Be Up Lifted.


14 September 2014 – Young People and Alcohol

The week prior to this program the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre released a study which indicates that teens take their alcohol cues from their parents. The founder of ChaplainWatch Lance Mergard & Associate Professor Leanne Hides from the Faculty of Health, School of Psychology and Counselling at QUT join me for an important discussion on Young People and Alcohol


04 May 2014 – Death, Grief, Mourning & Say Goodbye. How we say goodbye to a loved one who has died is an important part of our grief and mourning process. Unfortunately we as a society don’t like to talk about this. This is a fantastic discussion of a not often talked about topic with Funeral Celebrant Bruce Wadd, funeral director Annette Lourigan and Counsellor Richard Fay


27 April 2014 – An ANZAC weekend special. The work of mates4mates in supporting current and ex-service personnel and their families. This was a fantastic program with outstanding callers with Janice Johnston – Director of Psychology MATES4MATES & Peter Coster – Operations Manager of RSL Qld


06 April 2014 – Living with and Understand AutismApril was ‘Go Blue for Autism month’ a campaign run by Autism Queensland to raise awareness about those living with autism. My  guests were Penny Beeston who is the CEO of Autism Queensland & Michael Whelan who has an Autistic son and is the Author of ‘The Other Country: A Fathers Journey with Autism’


30 March 2014 – Understanding & Responding to Eating DisordersThis was an amazing discussion into the complexity of Eating Disorders with Associate Professor Ingrid Wagner – Clinical Academic Fellow (Social Work) in the Faculty of Health, in the School of Public Health and Social Work at QUT – Also a clinical social worker, and a certified as a mental health social worker, Dr Leanne Barron – is a General Practitioner who specialises in eating disorder and provides services at the QUT Interdisciplinary Clinic (Eating Disorders) & Jenny House – Counsellor in private practice and is also a Sessional Lecture in the School of Social Science at Christian Heritage College.


23 March 2014 – Pornography & its Impact on Lives . With the proliferation of porn Peter discusses with Counsellor Paul Wegner, Brisbane Campus Pastor and director of international mission at Hope Centre Ben Teefy, National Research Officer for Family Voice Australia Roslyn Phillips & Cameron who shares his personal story of overcoming porn addiction.


16 March 2014 – Over Parenting – does more harm than good. Clinical Psychologist and QUT PhD researcher Judith Locke talks about her research in to the developing trend of Over Parenting.


9 March 2014 – People Power vs Advertising & Marketing – An important discussion about People Power – things that we can do when we come across advertising and marketing that is inappropriate and what we can do to in reclaiming moral and ethical standards within our society, with Wendy Francis the Queensland Director of the Australian Christian Lobby & Melinda Liszewski from Collective Shout.


02 March 2014 – Living with Depression & Mental Illness. In light of the tragic death of Charlotte Dawson this show is an important discussion on raising greater understand mental health issues with Vikki Roubin – Counsellor & Author of Wobbly: One Woman’s Journey Onward and Upward, Dr Jono AndrewsClinical Psychologist, and Larne WellingtonPsychologist and Director of Positive Families


23 February 2014 – Adoption Reform. With a 100,000 abortions each year, 25,000 children in out-of-home care and thousands of people using IVF in Australia each year it is time that we as a nation engage in discussion about adoption. Kristan DooleyManaging Director, Women’s Forum Australia talk about the research project that they have undertaken to contribute to discussion on adoption in an informed way.


16 February 2014 – Young Men – Body Image, Gyms & SteroidsA man who used Body Building Steroids and has paid the price shares his story with Peter and Consultant Psychiatrist in Men’s Mental Health Dr Andrew Leggett, and Richard Fay Counsellor @ Peter Janetzki & CEO of the Centre for Men & Families


9 February 2014 – Andrew Demack  Cycling Development Office – Bicycle Queensland – www.bq.org.au jioned me to talk about all things cycling.


Programs from 2013


15 December 2013 – Christmas around the world.


understanding-type-2-diabetes  8 December 2013 – Understanding Diabetes

A fantastic discussion with Prof Merlin Thomas author of ‘Understanding Type 2 Diabetes: Fewer highs-Fewer Lows-Better Health’ & Chris Davis a Type 2 Diabetic.


24 November 2013 – Suicide Bereavement & Prevention

Jill Fisher is the National StandBy Response Service Coordinator. StandBy is the Winner of the 2011 International Association for Suicide Prevention Norman Farberow Award & 2013 Suicide Prevention Australia Leadership and Innovation Award.  Linda Espie is a Counsellor Educator Consultant with more than 20 years experience within the field of grief & loss.


17 November 2013 – Pre-Christmas Stress

All those things that can cause anxiety as we head into the Christmas holidays – School Holidays, Money, Presents & Family Gatherings. 


10 November 2013 – Teen Mums

Donna Hanson works at the Beenleigh Family Centre’s Young Parents Support Program with the Wesley Mission. Donna & 2 young mums discuss with me the issues that teen mums face and the support they need.


the-woman-who-changed-her-brain 3 November 2013 – Overcoming Learning Disorders

This program was the highlight of the year for me. Chatting with Barbara Arrowsmith-Young the author of ‘The Woman Who Changed Her Brain’ about her life and discoveries in the field of neuroscience that not only changed her life but thousands of people around the world was truly amazing.

  Podcast of Talking Life can be found at either http://www.96five.com/pages/content.aspx?pid=128



www.archive.org do a search for Peter Janetzki. Many of the older programs are here on Internet Archive Helping people invest in themselves.